What is the MIND clinic?

Our Mission

When you have been diagnosed with a neurological disorder, it is much like standing at the base of a mountain. It is overwhelming to think of getting to the top; often conditions are not ideal and unexpected hiccups occur along the way. Just as you’d take a map to guide you, you’ll need a guide to the path back to health.

We are an Integrative Neurology practice. We look at the whole picture of neurological health- we evaluate lifestyle habits, aim for disease prevention, and promote healing once disease has taken root. We take an evidence based approach from our medical training, and apply this rigor to alternative therapies focusing on exercise and nutritional medicine, in addition to osteopathic and supplemental therapies such as vitamins, minerals,  traditional medicine such as acupuncture, ayurveda, reiki, and more.

We believe, much like scaling a mountain, there are many ways to the path back to health, and we utilize many approaches to help you get there. 

Feeling lost? Want to get back on the right path? We are happy to help! 

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Extraordinary Experiences

Feel frustrated with the “medicine machine?” Feel like you collect diagnoses, but never quite get to the “root cause?” Feel like your healthcare providers are overwhelmed and short on time? You are not alone. 

We feel the same.

Let us listen and collaborate with you to reach your goals. Try a different kind of health care. 

Our Core Values

We believe that healthcare should be delivered in a sustainable way which promotes health and respects autonomy.