Need Direction with your care?

Feel lost? Need more specific, personalized information about your disease and treatment?

Review your case with our Integrative Neurologist to receive care catered to your needs, goals, and expectations. A comprehensive discussion will include many aspects of your lifestyle, as well as goal formation and planning. If your case could benefit from an integrative internal medicine physician, you may also be referred to our Integrative Internal Medicine specialist.

We are here to help. Follow the steps below to apply for a consultation, and we will be in touch once we review your application. This process helps us to know if your case is a good match for our doctors. 

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Before You Apply:

Office Operations

Ensure that we fit with your needs and expectations, too.

Primary Care Provider (PCP)

We do require that our members have a PCP. We do not provide PCP services at this time, and occasionally certain issues will need to be seen by your PCP in person. Occasionally, we may refer you to an additional subspecialist neurologist, as well.

Supplemental Care

We provide supplemental care to your PCP. We do not routinely take calls after office hours. We will generally respond within 24-48 hours of a request. Please be sure to contact your PCP or go to the ER if you need immediate assistance. We do not prescribe controlled substances.

No Health Insurance Accepted

We require payment upfront, and do not accept health insurance at this time. A more completed explanation is below under the FAQ section.

Limited to Colorado

You must be located in Colorado for any and all appointments and requests. We do not practice outside of the state of Colorado.

Come to expect

Focused Care

Your appointment will be focused on you, so we want to hear directly from your perspective what has happened, your major concerns, and your goals of care. We do want to review your history and records prior to the appointment, so that we make the best use of your time. We will work together to create a plan of care individualized to your specific goals and needs. 

Be Comfortable

  • Find a quiet, private place to sit for your appointment.
  • Privacy is key for you to protect your own privacy rights.
  • You must be located in the state of Colorado, as we are only licensed to practice within the state of Colorado at this time.
  • No out-of-state consults will be available at this time.

Be Ready

  • Activate your camera (you will need it for the exam during your virtual appointment).
  • Check in online for your appointment 15 minutes before the appointment starts.
  • Have all of your questions and notes ready when the appointment starts. 

Ready for a consult?

We are ready for you! Click the button to start your application process!

How to Apply for Consultation:

  1. Click the “Request Consultation” button
  2. Fill out all fields of the application sent to your email on file.
  3. Pay $25 non-refundable application fee
  4. Await review of application. 
  5. If accepted, an email will be sent to your email on file, with scheduling instructions.

Please note: We currently do not accept insurance.

We are a cash-based practice for several reasons:

Get Ready!

Preparing for your Visit

Complete the Application

The application must be complete prior to scheduling. Your application is not complete until all sections are filled out in entirety, including any medical records you have.

Send your records

If we have requested additional records, we must receive them before you may schedule your appointment. This includes imaging, labs, and other neurology records.

Decision on Your Case

After we have your application and records, we will review them for appropriateness and scope of our practice, and you will be notified by email. This can take up to two weeks, so please be patient.

Pay for your appointment

Payment in full is required prior to scheduling. You will be directed to our scheduler once payment is received.

Schedule Your Appointment

Check out the calendar; find the best day and time that works for you!​ All of our availability is on this calendar, including recent cancellations.

Be Early

Log on 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Do a trial run of the virtual platform, to make sure you know how to use it. Find a comfortable spot, and the doctor will see you shortly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you review my records before scheduling?

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money- if we see that we can help you, we will. We believe it is unethical to take cases out of our scope of practice- and a waste of your time and money.

Why do you have an application fee?

The application fee helps to distinguish those who are simply curious about our practices from those who are serious potential patients. It shows us you are ready to commit to an appointment!

Why don't you accept insurance?

The short answer is that insurance makes our relationship much more complicated. A few of the reasons:

  1. Insurance places many other people in the exam room with us- the staff, nurses, and medical reviewers who will see the details of your case and determine what is best for you- rather than what we decide is the best course of action.
  2. Integrative medicine is not always covered by health insurance companies, as they do not always recognize the benefits of these therapies.
  3. Insurance companies pay physicians pennies on the dollar for medical care, and bully private practice physicians into accepting diminishing reimbursements. 
Can I submit my visit to my insurance for reimbursement?

Of course. At your request, we can provide to you a superbill and any available documentation necessary for you to submit to your insurance company. It is not a guarantee that the insurance company will reimburse our visit, however. 

The easiest way to utilize your benefits toward our visit is to use your HSA (Health Spending Account). You may or may not be required to submit documentation for approval, which we can provide to you as well. 


Are my fees refundable?

In general, we do not provide refunds. Please refer to our Practice Policies document for full discussion. 

What comes with the price of the consultation?

When you purchase a consultation, you will have access to the 6 Week Wellness Challenge for a two month period of time. The 6 Week Wellness Challenge is most effective when combined with a consultation.