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Want to learn more? Need to prepare for your appointment? Or maybe you read something about a condition you found confusing? Find the basic information about each disease category by clicking below.

stroke, brain, blood circulation
Stroke and TIA (Mini-Stroke)

Sudden alteration or loss of blood flow to the brain.

stress, man, hand
Headaches and Migraine

Pain in or on the surface of the head.

mae, provider, sleep
Seizures and Epilepsy

Sudden loss of control of your body, with or without loss of consciousness.

neurons, brain, neuroscience
Multiple Sclerosis

Autoimmune disease which damages the nerve.

memory, polaroid, dementia
Memory Loss and Dementia

Forgetfulness, decreased attention span, getting lost, and forgetting places, names, and responsibilities.

senior, lonely, the path
Tremors and Parkinsonism

Involuntary movements or shaking, slowness of movement, shuffling gait, difficulty with handwriting or using utensils.